Summer is here!

Summer is here!

That usually signals a downturn in business for chocolatiers and a bit more time for research and development work, maybe even a holiday or two! But no, not here, thanks to the beautiful Dymchurch beaches and marshland, we truly are a 12 month a year operation.

Gelato production has been ramped up, the garden Rhubarb was well received in a Rhubarb crumble gelato, along with a hefty top up from local growers and farm shops. We have grown our strawberries this year, some of which have made their way into the summer fruits sorbet.

Chocolate has not been forgotten and we have worked on some fabulous Teacher gifts. It seems the days of a shiny, crisp apple for the teacher are long gone and the options for gifting those special teachers are almost limitless. Mindful of the fact that often our little ones are looked after by more than one special teacher, we have created a small collection of items that start at a wallet friendly £3.75. If you, like us, are faced with little ones requesting gifts for school club teachers, caretakers, lunch supervisors and more, our little luxurious shard packets are the perfect little Thank you thank won’t break the bank.

However, for those extra special folks who have really made a difference, we have a fantastic selection of Hampers of all sizes. We have designed and printed three fab stickers for Teacher gifts for you to choose from and are happy to apply them to anything else you might like to order too, just leave us a message in the notes box on your order.

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