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These are some frequently asked questions that might provide the answer to yours, if not then please get in touch here.

1. What is the shelf life of your chocolates?

Our fresh chocolates are made without preservatives and additives and should be consumed within 10 days and stored in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. Our other products have a longer shelf life, such as bars and coated Cobnuts.

2. Should I store my chocolates in the fridge?

Chocolate is best stored in a cool and dry environment, natural flavours and textures are far better if the products are eaten at room temperature. If temperatures exceed 25 degrees then it is best to store them in a fridge. The chocolate will need to be tightly wrapped to protect it from any moisture.

3. Do you have products safe for people with nut allergies?

No. Although some of our products do not contain nuts as an ingredient, we work with all kinds of nuts in our factory, as the area is one room it is not possible to guarantee that any of our products are entirely free from nuts or nut traces.

4. Do you have any products suitable for Vegans?

We do, you will find them in the Vegan Section.

5. Do you provide Chocolates for Weddings , Celebrations and events?

Yes, we are happy to advise on suitable products for your occasion and can also provide customised and bespoke packaging , just drop us a line here.

6. What happens to my personal details I provide you with?

We keep your personal details confidential at all times and will never pass them on to a third party.

Your details are kept on our file only, in order to contact you to operate our service.