• Easter

    Easter (12)

    Our best collection yet, unique designs, delicious flavours, hand crafted in the finest Valrhona Chocolate.
  • Hampers

    Hampers (9)

    Luxurious hampers , the perfect gift to share!
  • Little Chocolate lovers

    Little Chocolate lovers (7)

    Perfect treats for young chocolate lovers and those young at heart!
  • Vegan Chocolate

    Vegan Chocolate (16)

    All of our Vegan friendly products in one easy to find place!
  • Confectionery

    Confectionery (3)

    A celebration of the traditional craft of the Artisan Confectioner.
  • Handmade Chocolates

    Handmade Chocolates (4)

    A decadent selection of our delicious chocolates, handmade in Kent with fine Valrhona chocolate couveture. Our handmade chocolates are at their best for four weeks from delivery.
  • Handmade Truffles

    Handmade Truffles (6)

    An indulgent selection of our classic truffles, handmade in Kent with the finest couverture from Valrhona.
  • Fruity

    Fruity (8)

    The sublime marriage of real fruit and fine chocolate is hard to beat…
  • Gift Boxes

    Gift Boxes (20)

    Tagged, tied and ready to put a smile on anyone's face…
  • Tablets

    Tablets (29)

    Handmade Valrhona chocolate tablets, perfect for every occasion.
  • Nutty

    Nutty (25)

    Discover why nuts and chocolate were simply made for each other…
  • Gourmet Candy Bars

    Gourmet Candy Bars (14)

    Old favourites and new flavours made in small batches with the finest ingredients.